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Erath County Living connects its readers with what’s going on in the community. Our readership has a sense of community pride, a desire for involvement, and a commitment to making the area a better place to work and live.

As a total source for local events, dining, entertainment and involvement, readers retain and use knowledge gained from both our print publications and interactive area specific websites. Residents learn of amenities available in their area for recreation and to improve their quality of life.

Print media readers are well-educated affluent members of their communities. Quality print advertising offers retention rates when readers are engaged. Our articles and features are kept local bringing readers closer to their respective communities.

Our magazines are published bi-annual and are of higher quality material than most existing area wide circulars. Marketing companies that have over saturated monthly publications and coupon quality circulars, have changed the way people perceive magazines. Today’s readers desire a connection that sparks emotion and learning.

Erath County Living involves its readers by writing articles and features suggested by our readership. Littered throughout the pages of each edition are hometown happenings covering town events, community get-togethers, and local lifestyle.

Advertisers have the choice to either submit their own ad, or allow us the opportunity to create one for them. Our professional designers and photographers pay the utmost attention to detail to properly depict your business. Working with our team assures professionalism and timely completion for production dates.

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Advertising within the pages of Bell County Living works.  The reason it works is that we focus on quality and content and don't over saturate our pages with ads.


Our businesses that advertise with us are more than just advertisers, their the ones who make Bell County Living possible.  We strive to promote and make you seen within the pages.